We bring TV on demand to our consumers making sure they have access to all their favorite channels. Watch Netflix or binge on your sports games, stream latest box office movies from the cinema, Spotify, Apple, we have got you covered.

Our packages ensure you never have a dull moment when you are at home or in the go and are all flexible so you can afford it for yourself, your family, and loved ones.

Your TV package

The Your TV package gives our subscribers the ability to watch as many as 500 channels all over the world. This is not cable, it is cable TV on the go. Follow your favorite shows and keep up with your best sports because with Internet TV, you are in for one heck of a ride. Our TV package comes with its very own smart box and smart remote to give you the power to choose your entertainment.

TV (for those who do not know) means Internet TV which in long terms means Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Our Internet TV package is flexible because you can watch it anywhere, on your mobile phone, Tablet, computer screen or television screen. It is TV that is shown not via satellite or antennas but through the Internet using data. The advantage of our Internet TV package to other terrestrial TV options, is you get way more variety than you would with cable.

Our Internet TV gives our subscribers more value for their money. To find out about our Internet TV subscriptions please click here.


We have all the choicest movies and series collection with Netflix. We give our subscribers 60 days access on all their favorite shows and you can use the smart box to stream Netflix at home straight to your TV. On the alternative you can use your PlayStation, smart TV or Chromecast.

There are many reasons to use our services to watch your movies because we offer more data per bundle than the nearest competitor.

The connectivity is strong and seamless which also gives you perfect pictures and crisp surround sound. What is more, you can pay this subscription alongside other services in one simple bill. And you get to watch your movies wherever you are -- even offline. To find out how to get the movie subscription for your device, please click here.


Music has never been better than now. With us, you can stream all your music in one place. Our exclusive data services give you the choice of listening how you want, and whenever. You can stream your tracks on all your popular devices, tabs and smartphones, and even on the go in your car giving you full control of your music experience. To find out more on the music packages, please click here.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a new service we are rolling out for consumers. We give clients the option to assauge all their information tech needs. More also, we can now host your online business and blogs with unlimited storage.

Don’t all these beauties sound cool?

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