Our Internet for office is a completely different plan and is geared at improving efficiency and productivity. We make sure most manual processes which consume time are automated to increase efficiency.

We have a few cloud services which can ensure your data is secure. We understand the workplace can be a hostile environment. That is why we created office solutions which can help you protect your finances as well as keep an eye on productivity no matter where you are anywhere in the world.

Some of these services include:

Office Genie

Office Genie is our management software that tracks your daily activities. When you purchase this package, it will take two weeks to understand your rhythm in the office. After that, Office Genie gets to work. It anticipates when you want a coffee and turns on the coffee maker. It anticipates your lunch break and calls your favourite restaurant to book you a table.

When you are done from work, Office Genie starts your car and parks it ready to go. Office Genie is also able to synch in with your email account and sort mails which need your urgent attention. Since the lunch of the office genie app, customers have experienced over 25% increase in productivity and many of them confess to be happier now than before.

Our home and office solutions are tailored to put a smile on the faces of our customers. We believe in giving value through smart solutions, making our customers feel happy and satisfied.

Internet for Home