Hyper fast Fibre broadband subscription

Negligible download speed 31Mbps on Fibre 1 connection and 64 Maps for Fibre 2.

Starting at £51.99 per month

Phone line included.

The hyper fast package under our plan gives your entire family the chance to experience seamless connectivity simultaneously. You and your family can now upload, download or stream your entertainment online while being assured of the speed of the connectivity as well as network reliability.

One year plan includes:

  • Free Router

  • Unlimited data access

  • Compensation of service is down

  • Free activation

  • Guaranteed low price

Ultrafast Broadband Subscription

Negligible download speed of 300Mbps

Maximum upload speed 60Mbps

From £54.99 per month

Phone line included.

One year plan includes:

Free Router

Unlimited data access

Compensation of service is down

Free activation

Guaranteed low price

As long as you keep subscribing with us, you are guaranteed no price increase. This is a promise for a lifetime. But this does not mean we cannot reduce the amount you pay.

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The following content will help you through the process of installing and setting up your Fibre Optic Broadband Package

First you have to setup your equipment, to ensure you can access this service, please make sure the broadband login details are within reach before beginning. To begin configuring the device, follow the instructions here.

Setting up Router

Setting up the router is the next stage of your installation process. Once the router is set, you can now have access to all the services we have on offer. You can also seamlessly switch from an existing provider to us without getting new equipment. To see instruction on setting up your router, please follow the instructions here.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection

Make sure to know there are reasons for poor wireless connectivity before you begin this troubleshoot. See the following reasons for a bad network connection:

  • Long distance between connected devices

  • Many devices on one wireless connection

  • Proximity to other wireless networks

If you are still experiencing a poor wireless connection, follow these steps in the same order:

Troubleshoot wireless connection

Make sure there is a wireless signal on your device. You can tell by the blue light indicator on the side of the router. A red light means the router is not connected.

  • Confirm there is a signal on your device. You will be able to confirm this by looking into your devices.

  • For mobile and Tablet, click settings and go to wireless connectivity. Select the WIFI and connect to the network.

  • For PC, select the wireless icon and enter the wireless pass key.

  • Once there is a connection, you should be able to get a message saying connected.

  • If you are still not getting a signal, turn off your router for a minute and power it back on.

  • Also power down your device and switch on again.

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