David James

I am happy to say that the service and billing are the best I have ever experienced since I began. The customer service is great and complaints are adequately taken care of.

Tim Derek

Very satisfied with the price and service. Customer Support is the best I have ever experienced from an Internet service provider.

Catherine S

The technical support is excellent. When I had a problem with my router and made a complaint, they came under half an hour. The problem was accurately diagnosed and fixed within a few minutes. Everything was so quick and efficient I could not remember if I had a problem in the first place. You guys are the real deal.

Kareem F.

This guys are just great. The service is excellent and the billing is affordable for my girlfriend and I. Now I can stream my games with ease while she binges on Netflix. I cannot thank you guys enough for the services you provide.

Mathilda Stephens

I purchased an Ultrafast Broadband plan with mixed feelings after being shortchanged by a bigger ISO. But so far I have not been disappointed. I am happy to see some companies do keep promises.

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