We give you the connection to one of the best performing broadband technology anywhere in the UK. We are supported by some of the best technical and support teams anchored on world-class network infrastructure. We are people that are committed to providing quality data services in every street, town, county, and city across the country. Providing satisfaction to our customers is the driving force for what we do. We provide our subscribers with broadband services which perform better than the competition on all levels.

Apart from this, we take the extra step to provide auxiliary services such as web hosting services, domain names, and multimedia entertainment packages. We empower our users with flexible data subscriptions which are suited to their individual needs.

Whether at home or in the office, we have bundles that are right up your alley. We believe in investing in the latest infrastructure to ensure our customers keep on getting the best services. This is because we believe in bridging the gap between the present and the future.

At this internet company, we know the customer is priority. This ethos is engineered in everything that we do; from our investment in the latest technologies to our warm and friendly customer service. We always strive to constantly improve the customer experience. All across our existence, we let our practical excellence do the talking for us.

Apart from our customer service delivery, we know synergy within the team creates harmony and makes us deliver better. We look out for ways to enhance efficiency within the team. This cuts across investing in new tools to engage our customers, we look for ways to cut down costs so our services can be more affordable today than it was yesterday. We are a people company with so much love and proud of it too.

Internet For Home

We tailor our Internet for home services for consumers who would like to use smart data applications to make life more convenient in the home. Our home app makes it convenient to communicate with your smart home services using customized controls . Devices you can communicate with include:

  • Smart Light Bulb

The app automatically switches on your light towards the nighttime and switches it off in the morning.

  • Smart Power Plug

This enables plugged devices to shut down or turn on to ensure efficient energy use and cut cost in energy consumption

  • Smart Entertainment

This is the center of your entertainment system and is automated to suit your media preferences. Whether it is 'Netflix and Chill' or jazz in the background, the Smart Entertainment anticipates your needs seamlessly.

  • Smart Climate Control

This makes you feel comfortable in your home, adjusting the temperature so you are just in the perfect mood for sleep, work, play, or relaxation.

  • Smart Lock

The Smart Lock keeps intruders at bay and automatically shuts the door when you forget. It also has an input sensor that keeps track of the house, giving a sound of alarm should an intruder open the window from the outside.

  • Smart Camera

The smart camera keeps your house safe and secure by recording intruders on high definition.

Once you install your Smart Services through our cloud network, you can easily use the app to control your home devices, fixtures and appliances.

Internet For Office

Our Internet for office is a completely different plan and is geared at improving efficiency and productivity. We make sure most manual process which consume time are automated to increase efficiency. We have a few cloud services which can ensure your data is secure. We understand the workplace can be a hostile environment. That is why we created office solutions which can help you protect your finances as well as keep an eye on productivity no matter where you are anywhere in the world. Some of these services include :

Office Genie

Office Genie is a software which tracks your daily activities. When you purchase this package, it will take two weeks to understand your rhythm in the office. After that, Office Genie gets to work. It anticipates when you want a coffee and turns on the coffee maker. It anticipates your lunch break and calls your favourite restaurant to book you a table. When you are done from work, Office Genie starts your car and parks it ready to go. Office Genie is also able to synch in with your email account and sort mails which need your urgent attention. Since the lunch of the office genie app, customers have experienced over 25% increase in productivity and many of them confess to be happier now than before.

Our home and office solutions are tailored to put a smile on the faces of our customers. We believe in giving value through smart solutions, making our customers feel happy and satisfied.

TV Movie Music & Domain

We bring TV on demand to our consumers making sure they have access to all their favourite channels. Watch Netflix or binge on your sports games, stream latest box office movies from the cinema, Spotify, Apple, we have got you covered.

Our packages ensure you never have a dull moment when you are at home or in the go and it is all flexible so you can afford it for you, your family, and loved ones.


The TV package gives our subscribers the ability to watch as many as 500 channels all over the world. This is not cable, it is cable TV on steroids. Follow your favorite shows and keep up with your best sports because with Internet TV, you are in for one heck of a ride. Our TV package comes with its very own smart box and smart remote to give you the power to choose your entertainment.

TV (for those who do not know) means Internet TV which in long terms means Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Internet TV is flexible because you can watch it anywhere, on your mobile phone, Tablet, computer screen or television screen. It is TV that is shown not via satellite or antennas but through the Internet using data. The advantage of Internet TV to other terrestrial TV options, is you get way more variety than you would with cable.

Our Internet TV gives our subscribers more value for their money. To find out about our Internet TV subscriptions please click here.


We have all the choicest movies and series collection with Netflix. We give our subscribers 60 days access on all their favorite shows and you can use the smart box to stream Netflix at home straight to your TV. On the alternative you can use your PlayStation, smart TV or Chromecast. There are many reasons to use our services to watch your movies because we offer more data per bundle than the nearest competitor.

The connectivity is strong and seamless which also gives you perfect pictures and crisp surround sound. What is more, you can pay this subscription alongside other services in one simple bill. And you get to watch your movies wherever you are. Even offline. To find out how to get the movie subscription for your device, please see here.


Music has never been better than now. With us, you can stream all your music in one place. Our exclusive data services gives you the choice of listening how you want, and whenever. You can stream your tracks on all your popular devices, tabs and smartphones, and even on the go in your car giving you full control of your music experience. To find out more on the music packages, please click here.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a new service we are rolling out for consumers. We give clients the option to put all their Information Tech needs and we can now host your online business and blogs with unlimited storage.

Subscription & Support


Hyper fast Fibre broadband subscription

Negligible download speed 31Mbps on Fibre 1 connection and 64 Maps for Fibre 2.

Starting at £51.99 per month

Phone line included.

The hyper fast package under our plan gives your entire family the chance to experience seamless connectivity simultaneously. You and your family can now upload, download or stream your entertainment online while being assured of the speed of the connectivity as well as network reliability.

One year plan includes:

  • Free Router

  • Unlimited data access

  • Compensation of service is down

  • Free activation

  • Guaranteed low price

Ultrafast Broadband Subscription

Negligible download speed 300Mbps

Maximum upload speed 60Mbps

From £54.99 per month

Phone line included.

One year plan includes:

Free Router

Unlimited data access

Compensation of service is down

Free activation

Guaranteed low price

As long as you keep subscribing with us, you are guaranteed no price increase. This is a promise for a lifetime. But this does not mean we cannot reduce the amount you pay.

To select your subscription package or to make more inquiries please click here.



The following content will help you through the process of installing and setting up your Fibre Optic Broadband Package

First you have to setup your equipment, to ensure you can access this service, please make sure the broadband login details are within reach before beginning. To begin configuring the device, follow the instructions here

Setting Up Router

Setting up the router is the next stage of your installation process. Once the router is set, you can now have access to all the services we have on offer. You can also seamlessly switch from an existing provider to us without getting new equipment. To see instruction on setting up your router please follow the instructions here.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection

Make sure to know there are reasons for poor wireless connectivity before you begin this troubleshoot. See the following reasons for a bad network connection:

  • Long distance between connected devices

  • Many devices on one wireless connection

  • Proximity to other wireless networks

If you are still experiencing a poor wireless connection, follow these steps in the same order:

Troubleshoot wireless connection

Make sure there is a wireless signal on your device. You can tell by the blue light indicator on the side of the router. A red light means the router is not connected.

  • Confirm there is a signal on your device. You will be able to confirm this by looking into your devices.

  • For mobile and Tablet, click settings and go to wireless connectivity. Select the WIFI and connect to the network.

  • For PC, select the wireless icon and enter the wireless pass key.

  • Once there is a connection, you should be able to get a message saying connected.

  • If you are still not getting a signal, turn off your router for a minute and power it back on.

  • Also power down your device and switch on again.


David James

I am happy to say that the service and billing are the best I have ever experienced since I began. The customer service is great and complaints are adequately taken care of.

Tim Derek

Very satisfied with the price and service. Customer Support is the best I have ever experienced from an Internet service provider.

Catherine S

The technical support is excellent. When I had a problem with my router and made a complaint, they came under half an hour. The problem was accurately diagnosed and fixed within a few minutes. Everything was so quick and efficient I could not remember if I had a problem in the first place. You guys are the real deal.

Kareem F.

This guy's are just great. The service is excellent and the billing is affordable for my girlfriend and I. Now I can stream my games with ease while she binges on Netflix. I cannot thank you guys enough for the services you provide.

Mathilda Stephens

I purchased an Ultrafast Broadband plan with mixed feelings after being shortchanged by a bigger ISO. But so far I have not been disappointed. I am happy to see some companies do keep promises.

Internet for Home