We tailor our Internet for home services for consumers who would like to use smart data applications to make life more convenient at their residential convenience. Our home app makes it convenient to communicate with your smart home services using customized controls.

Some of devices to make your home a little paradise include:

Smart Light Bulb

The app automatically switches on your light towards the nighttime and switches it off in the morning.

Smart Power Plug

This enables plugged devices to shut down or turn on to ensure efficient energy use and cut cost in energy consumption.

Smart Entertainment

This is the center of your entertainment system and is automated to suit your media preferences. Whether it is 'Netflix and Chill' or jazz in the background or finding the Smart Entertainment anticipates your needs seamlessly. Ask the Smart Entertainment anything, such as which is the best online casino and the Smart Entertainment will give you the 2019 casino bonus guide in return. This is just one of the many strengths our Smart system can do for you.

Smart Climate Control

This makes you feel comfortable in your home, adjusting the temperature so you are just in the perfect mood for sleep, work, play, or relaxation.

Smart Lock

The Smart Lock keeps intruders at bay and automatically shuts the door when you forget. It also has an input sensor that keeps track of the house; giving a sound of alarm should an intruder open the window from the outside.

Smart Camera

The smart camera keeps your house safe and secure by recording intruders on high definition.

Once you install your Smart Services through our cloud network, you can easily use the app to control your home devices, fixtures and appliances.

Internet for Home